Alight Motion Alternatives – Top 5 Video editors similar to Alight Motion

Smartphones are now becoming the main platform for creating and sharing video content. There are plenty of apps that help you create visually appealing and professional videos. Almost all these apps comprise powerful and advanced features to make your video editing easier and simpler. Alight Motion is one such popular and powerful video and motion graphic editing app.

alight motion alternatives

This article compares video editing apps like VN Video Editor, VivaCut,Filmora, CapCut, and KineMaster with Alight Motion. This comparison will indeed help you in selecting the best video editing app that suits well with your needs.

Comparison of key features

Alight MotionVN Video EditorVivaCut Video EditorFilmoraCapCutKineMaster
Editing InterfaceSomewhat complex but customizableStreamlined, user-friendly and simpleTouch-friendly timeline and customizableEasy to use and customizable with drag and drop featureEasy to use and a trendy interfaceUser-friendly interface
Animation CapabilitiesAdvanced and powerful keyframe animation with animation presets and maskingWide range of animated tools with 19-built-in keyframe animation, animation presets, and maskingExtensive keyframe animation, animation presets, and maskingAdvanced keyframe animation, a good library of presets, and maskingBasic keyframe animation with motion graphicsAdvanced keyframe animation with multilayered animation features
Visual EffectsAdvanced transitions, effects, filters, and color-grade filtersTransitions, filters and effects, color grade filtersTransitions, effects, filters, and green screen supportTransitions, effects, and green screen support.

Motion graphics and overlays.
Transitions, filters, effects, and green screen supportTransitions, effects and filters
Audio EditingExtensively advanced audio editing tools, Multitrack audio editingBasic audio editing with easy-to-use music beats and adding markers, high-quality audio recordingMulti-track audio editing, Audio mixing, and effects, beat detection, and sound effectsMulti-track audio editing, audio mixing, and effects, royalty-free music libraryHuge library of music clips and sound effects.
Extract audio from videos.
Multi-track audio editing
Export OptionsCustomize resolution, frame rate, and bit rate with more flexibilityCustomize resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.
4K resolution and frame rate up to 60 FPS.
Export under 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolution,Export in different resolutions and formatsCustom resolution with 4K resolution, 60 FPS, and Smart HDRCustom resolution, and frame rate
PricingFree version with limited features and offer in-app purchasesFree to use with some in-app purchasesFree trial version and a paid subscriptionFilmora Pro subscription with a free trialFree to use with some in-app purchasesFree version and paid subscription

Alight Motion Alternatives

VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor

This video editor is quite popular among most video content creators due to its simple and easy-to-use interface. Also, video editing is a stress-free process if you have a VN Video Editor with you. This is best for beginners, unlike Alight Motion.

Multi-track video editing is a nice feature included there in the app making room for you to do edits like quick rough cuts, deleting and reordering, multi-track timeline, and the ability to save drafts within a few minutes making your video look awesome.

There are many other features loaded in VN Video Editor like trendy transitions, effects, filters, freeze frame features, reverse and zoom features, basic audio editing tools, etc.

Also, just like in Alight Motion in VN Video Editor keyframe animation and animation preset features available. Plus, you can make your video play faster or slower than your original one thanks to its speed curve feature.

But when compared with the Alight Motion some users feel that it lacks some advanced animation and audio editing features. And room for customization is also limited here.

If you are a beginner to video editing and want to create some social media content then VN Video Editor is one of the best video editing apps for you. Also, Alight Motion has advanced multi-track audio editing tools than the VN Video Editor.
Though the app is easy to use with stress-free editing some users find that it lacks customization for a smoother experience than the other parallel apps.

VivaCut Video Editor


VivaCut video editor is a powerful and advanced video editor with photo editing features. It is easy to use with its drag-and-drop functionality.

The app includes almost all the professional video editing features like chroma key support, keyframe animation, masking, templates, audio extraction, and music marker features.

This includes so many advanced video editing tools like speed-ramping to make your video play at a faster or a slower speed, curve tone editing features to fine-tune color corrections, reverse playback features, and also video blending modes.

Though VivaCut comprises strong multi-layer and visual effects, Alight Motion allows more powerful key-frame animation. Both Alight Motion and VivaCut include multi-track audio editing and most of the advanced features of the apps seem to be similar.

If you want to be an influential social media content creator then VivaCut is one of the best to have on your Android.

CapCut Video Editor


This is also one of the best and a popular video editing tool, especially among social media content creators and vloggers.

This carries out almost all the basic video editing features along with some advanced features like keyframe animation effects, smooth slow-motion effects, chroma key, or green screen support, Picture-In-Picture layering and splicing, smart stabilization features, and many more.

Also, this includes some auto-captions, trendy filters, effects, and background removal. CapCut can extract audio from videos as well.
When compared with Alight Motion CapCut is good for stylish and quick edits with a huge library of pre-made effects and transitions while Alight Motion focuses more on detailed animation.

The app is best for quick and trendy video edits with easy edits of business visuals, thumbnails, and graphics.

Most of the app users find CapCut an easy and simple interface. And also, the app is appreciated for community-driven trends. However, some users find it less powerful for some complex projects.

Filmora Video Editor


Filmora is also one of the popular video editing apps due to its ease of use. This can be considered one of the best apps for creating vlogs, shorts, and reels.

The app includes plenty of nice features like text-to-video, text-to-speed, AI Video Effects, Auto Captions, AI Smart Cutout, AI Copywriting, and Rhythm master.

Some of the advanced tools to use for more professional editing include keyframe animation, video stabilization, color grading and correction, and motion tracking.

When compared with Alight Motion the interface of the Alight Motion seems to be a bit more complex than the Filmora. Plus, Alight Motion has more powerful keyframe animation than Filmora. Also, Alight Motion has more advanced multi-track audio editing features. Alight Motion offers more flexibility in exporting than Filmora.

Filmora is best for beginners while Alight Motion goes hand in hand with professional editors who need much more advanced features.

KineMaster Video Editor


KineMaster is also another exciting video editing app to use as an alternative to Alight Motion. This can be identified as a top video editing app for creating vlogs, slideshows, video collages, and chroma key videos.

Its extensive library includes royalty-free music, stickers, video templates, and sound effects. Also, the app is equipped with some advanced features like Chroma key support, multi-audio and video tracks, and multi-track audio editing with audio mixing and editing tools. These features are somewhat similar to the advanced editing features of Alight Motion.

The speed ramping features of both apps are similar but Alight Motion is with some features for more advanced editing.


Alight Motion indeed is an advanced and professional video editing app for most of your video editing needs. But sometimes you may find it a bit complex if you are a beginner to video editing. Then one of the best apps for you is VN Video Editor with a much easier and cleaner interface and tools. If you want to experience more balanced features with ease-of-use VivaCut and KineMaster apps are compatible. But this depends on your editing goals. Select the best editing app that goes well with your goals and skills to have a more relaxed and easy editing experience.