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Alight motion is one of the best motion graphics apps currently available for smartphones. It is also the first professional-level motion graphic design app for iOS and iPad. The specialty of the Alight motion is that it can perform several functions such as Animation Design, Motion Graphics Design, Visual Effects, and Video Editing. Alight Motion Inc., the company that created the app, introduced it to the app market in 2018. 

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  1. First download APK Installer from the below download links and install it to your android devices.
  2. Then download Alight motion APK latest version and below download links.
  3. Now install the Alight motion APK file through the APK Installer APP.
  4. This is because Alight motion APK file is a large file and it is in XAPK format. XAPK formats can be installed through only APK Installer APP.

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Alight Motion APK 5.0.194

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Alight Motion APK 4.0.0

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Alight Motion APK 3.9.0

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Alight Motion 

Alight Motion 

Features of the Alight motion

  • You can create a variety of modern visual effects using hundreds of customizable building blocks. 
  • You can add several Video, Audio, and Graphic layers to a single project.
  • There have Many speed-based motions blurs.
  • You can share your projects with other people’s smartphones as an editable file.
  • Use borders, shadows, and stroke effects to enhance your animation video.
  • If you save the elements you use most often, you can easily use them for the next project.
  • Export your design in several formats such as MP4, GIFS, and PNG.
  • You can use this app on any device like Android, iOS, iPad, and even PC.

How to install Alight motion on Android?

We will install this application in the form of an apk file. Before installing an APK file on a typical Android smartphone, you need to make some changes in the security settings. 

  • Enter “apps” in the phone settings. Pick the 3 dots in the upper right. Select the special access option in the pop-up screen that appears on the screen. Now you will see the option to install unknown sources. You need to activate it.
  • You can download the Alight motion apk file for free from any website you want. But think about security a little bit. I recommend using its official website when downloading the apk.
  • The location of the downloaded files may vary depending on your device. So download it to a place where You can easily find it. 
  • Start the installation process. You can use this application after completing the process.

How to use the Alight motion?

  • Once installed, go ahead and open it. When you go straight to the Alight Motion screen, you can see your account details by going to the icon at the top right ( Only if you logged in to the app ).
  • Presents a set of tutorials on how to use the tools in the app.
  • Whenever you want to start a new project, tap on the big plus sign on the screen. 
  • Name the project, select the desired resolutions, and tap on “create project” to start working. Then on the screen, you can see all the features you need to create your project. 
  • Now, to save your project or whatever you just made, tap on the Export and Share button at the top right corner, and the Alight motion will probably tell you how much space you need to save this project. Everything you want to do is select an exporting format and Export whatever you made.


How do I remove the Alight Motion watermark in my video?

  • If you want to remove the Alight Motion watermark from your video, you must have a pro version of Alight Motion.

Can I make GIFs with the Alight motion?

  • Yes, you can export your projects as GIFs, videos, and PNGs.