Alight Motion Features | Best motion graphics editor with amazing features

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Motion”? As we know, Motions stands for movements. This is about a mobile application that helps you create quality animations, create motion graphics, video compositing, add or create visual effects, and video editing using a single mobile application. Alight Motion is one of your mobile phone’s first pro motion graphics applications, providing the most qualitative features. 

alight motion features

Features of a mobile application play a significant role than the other sections as it is the features that ultimately make the app a good or bad item. Thus, Alight Motion has gained the capacity to offer every single thing a user requires in order to produce a pro-quality video or audio. As a professional app with quality features, Alight Motion assures that its features help you in every requirement the user is involved in. 

This app was only built for Android Phones, but recently they came up with its iOS version giving a chance for apple users to edit their videos in a professional way. Alight Motion bears a dozen pro features that no app could offer you, which is why it has always been a pro application from the beginning. Many professionals in editing and those who create videos for social media such as Tik Tok, YouTube, and Pinterest edit their videos using this application to take the best output within a small effort. So, let’s talk about these super cool features Alight Motion offers.

The Building Block Effect

This Building Block Effect that comes under the features of Alight Motion is customizable. This plays a significant role in video editing, image editing and creating animations. Alight Motion provides over 100 customizable effects and has its own building block library. These effects help the user to create professional yet sophisticated visual effects that give the user a chance to express their creativity to the next level. Besides, Alight Motion provides over 100s visual effects along with this customizable building block effect. The colour correction feature helps to change the colour of an image or a video and design a new colour giving the image or the video a new look.

Multiple layers and a variety of media types

Alight Motion offers a robust set of media types to its users. Some of the most famous types are multiple layer graphics, images and videos, audio libraries, a list of vector shapes, freehand drawing facilities, vector drawing facilities, etc. On the other hand, talking about the multiple layers, this also provides multiple layer graphics with well-polished and high-resolution outputs where your ultimate result will be a professional video output with good quality. 

VFX Feature

alight motion visual effects

VFX stands for the Visual Special Effect. The effect bears a strong eye for detail and ensures all the shots taken are of the highest possible quality. It is an all-rounder fulfilling all the things in a video with its best quality, such as attention to detail, editing, communication, and organization. So, it is a primary feature Alight Motion holds, and it is a rare feature which is quite impossible to find in a typical video editor.

Key Frame Animation

alight motion keyframe animation

Key Frame animation is another essential characteristic of Alight Motion. Alight Motion provides Key Frame Animation to all the options. Key Frame Animation plays a massive role in animation and filmmaking. This is a drawing or a shot that defines a smooth transition’s starting point and ending point. 

Grouping and Masking

The masking tool is another helping tool when it comes to editing the videos professionally. The masking tools such as blurring, highlighting, overlaying, and colour correcting are commonly added to a specific part of a frame in the Video. You are provided to create multiple linear, radial, specular, and rectangular mask shapes. This helps you create complex graphics effects and go for great animation effects.


The supportability of this application is priceless. Alight Motion supports custom fonts where you can make fonts according to the Video or the image you edit. Besides, this cute app also supports cross-platform. Well, when it comes to editing, it supports Bitmap and Vector graphics as well. The MP4 Video you edited can also be transferred into multiple flies where your MP4 File can be exported in H.264 and HEVC, PNG Sequences, and GIF Animation.

Moreover, the support for graphics is excellent, and you will be able to result in polished and high-resolution finishes. While one part of this piece of technology overlooks the graphic quality, the other part provides priority to appealing creations.

Common yet important features

  • Able to build timing curves in a customizable way as the app offers fluid motions that ease animating. You can even choose presets, so you will have a better idea of how to animate your video, audio or image.
  • Alight Motion makes the common effects professional. It provides Gradient fill effects, solid color, shadow effects, alternative borders, and stroke effects. 
  • Provides velocity-based motion blur function. This super function supports you to animate and edit movements, speed and many more motions from time to time.
  • Alight Motion is also acquainted with media, texts, drawing tools, shapes and drawing resources that would help design the project without trouble. You will be able to access a fresh, new page to start over or else import a media file that should be edited to the timeline.


This is a pro motion video editor focusing on editing videos, images and audio in a high-quality manner. This app also focuses on creating motion graphics, creating GIF animations and other similar media types. Alight Motion produces high-end visual effects, special filters and effects, video compositing, comprehensive video editing and many more. These little yet important features play a significant role in Alight Motion that no one could even imagine.

In addition, this is a free Android video editor with high reliability and high quality, creating fantastic motion graphics on your mobile phone. Recently they have also come up with its iOS version. So, I have no any reason to not recommend this application. Alight Motion bears amazing features, and I’m confident that editing your Video using this app will make your Video look amazing too.