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Alight Motion is one of the world’s most professional motion design application which supports your smart phone and tablet. Using this super quality application, you will be able to create high quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and much more.

Alight Motion for mac

Features of Alight Motion Mac

  • Alight Motion offers multiple layers of graphics, an inbuilt video editor, and an audio editor.
  • This also supports vectors and as well as bitmaps. Using this feature, you can edit vector graphics via smart phones without difficulty.
  • No worries about needing super powerful Mac software in order to edit your videos all the time when you have already got Alight Motion!
  • Alight Motion provides over 100s of visual effects along with a special effect named customizable building block effect. You can change the color of an image by using the color correction feature. This also supports videos and design when it comes to changing and giving a new color.
  • Keyframe animation is another special feature that is available for every setting.
  • You can customizable and build timing curves in a customizable using fluid motions that ease your animating process. You may pick up presets, so you will know exactly what you need to be done and how to deal with your animation, video, audio, or your image.
  • Alight Motion Android App also brings to light the velocity based motion blur function. This special function helps you to animate and edit movements, speed, and other motions.
  • Using Alight Motion, you can export MP4 files and GIF animations in high quality.
  • You will be offered gradient fill effects and solid colors to make your animation look perfect than before.

Alight Motion Download

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How to Install Alight Motion for Mac

Installing Alight Motion for your Mac isn’t easy. Before anything else, you should install an emulator for your Mac. There are many emulators such as Bluestack, Nox Player, and many more. But I recommend you to install Nox player since this emulator will help you to easily install Alight Motion for your Mac. Please be concerned about the steps below.

  1. First download Nox player for your Mac from the official website.
  2. Now install it correctly to your Mac.
  3. Then open the Nox player app on your Mac and login with your Gmail account.
  4. Search for Alight Motion in Google play store in Nox player APP or download the Alight motion APK file from our download page.
  5. Now install in correctly to your Mac with Nox player.
  6. Now you can use Alight motion APP on your Mac on Nox player.

alight motion for mac download


Alight Motion has come up with some new effects such as Hexagon and Tile Rotate, new presets, and a new searching browser with its new updates. The app has been improved and made quite easier to edit videos, pictures, and audio than before. Using an emulator, you can now easily download the app to your Mac. Why don’t you try it out?