Alight Motion Online | Video and Animation Editor Download

Alight Motion online is one of the leading pro motion graphics apps for your smart phone that provides the most valuable features such as creating quality animations and motion graphics, video compositing, adding and creating visual effects, video editing and etc. However, these features are just a few of the whole, and the others are yet to come. Let’s find out all the features of Alight Motion and their use.

alight motion online

Alight Motion is offered by Alight Creative Inc. and has officially released on the 5th of August 2018. There are over 10 million downloads to this app, proving its quality to everyone. This app provides a variety of media types to its users, such as multiple layer graphics, images, and videos, a unique audio library, a list of vector shapes, free hand drawing facilities, vector drawing facilities, and much more.

Features of Alight Motion Online

  • The features are the most important part of an application. Let us figure out the use of each feature Alight Motion bears.
  • Alight Motion provides you the facility to make your own animations, videos, Slide shows, visual effects, and many more. Since this is a pro motion graphic application, the ultimate product will be super quality and professional.
  • One of the most important and unique features that Alight Motion bears are the Multiple Layer Graphics, Video and Audio creating facility, Animation makers, video and audio editing, and many more.
  • Yet, Alight Motion provides and supports vectors and bitmaps. Through this function, the user will be able to easily edit vector graphics using his or her smart phone. You don’t need powerful PC software to edit your videos all the time. You got Alight Motion! Damn!
  • A border for your animation or video you create gives the perfect finish. Besides, the shadow effects give the animation a real look than before.
  • Alight Motion also introduces media, texts, drawing tools, shapes, and drawing resources which helps to design the project way better and easier. You will also be provided a fresh, new page to begin or even to import a media file that should be edited to the timeline.

How to use Alight Motion Online?

To use Alight motion online with your internet browser you have follow some steps with your internet browser.

01. First open from the browser you want to use Alight motion online.

02. Then download Alight Motion apk file from our download page and upload it to the appetize website.

alight motion online upload

03. When the upload process completed successfully you will get “upload successful” message. Now click on view to open the app.

alight motion online upload successful

04. Now you will see a mobile screen on your internet browser. Click on “Tap to play” to launch the android emulator.

alight motion tap to play

05. Click on the alight motion app icon on the menu.

alight motion online app

06. Now everything completed successfully. You can now enjoy Alight motion online from your internet browser.

alight motion online apk



Alight Motion supports many languages such as English, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese and Korean, etc. giving the users a chance to work with it using their own languages. Well, that’s it then! All you got to do now is to install the application and start working with it. Good Luck then!!