Creating Cinematic Effects in Alight Motion | Color Grading and Transitions

We all love to watch movies, music videos, and others with stunning visuals. Normally cinematic effects are the key to creating visually pleasing videos. These cinematic effects are magical elements that add creativity and enhance the visual storytelling. It lets you set the mood and attractively enhance the emotions making the viewers enchanted. Adding cinematic effects to your videos is not a difficult task now. Now you can add these magical effects to your videos right from your mobile thanks to numerous video editing apps available there. Alight Motion is one such powerful and interesting video editing app to use on your Android mobile.

alight motion cinematic effects

Color grading and transitions are of great help when adding a cinematic touch to your creations. Alight Motion can be identified as one of the best video editing apps that lets you add cinematic effects to your videos using its advanced color-grading and transition effects. If you want to make the viewers immersive then use these nice features of Alight Motion to make your creativity reach new heights. Hence, through this post let’s focus more on adding cinematic effects to your videos using Alight Motion.

The power of Color-grading in Alight Motion

Color grading is a powerful tool to use in video editing. It is different from basic color editing like changing the contrast and the brightness. Color grading adds emotions to your videos giving your creation a more cinematic look. Also, this color-grading will help you enhance the atmosphere of the video for a more pleasing cinematic touch.

If you want to show happiness then simply go for warm colors. If you choose cool colors, you can add a sad effect or suspense to your videos. By selecting high-contrast color grading you can add a touch of drama to your making.  Similarly, by using these color-grading techniques you can enhance the visual styles of your film.

Color grading tools in Alight Motion

Color grading tools in Alight Motion

In Alight Motion there are various types of color grading tools included to make your video editing a more interesting journey. Some of these tools are mentioned below.


Curves are a nice tool included in the color grading techniques of Alight Motion. This curve effect helps you to add emotions to your videos by changing the detailed color effects. Normally there are multiple curves for different colors like red, green, and blue, and are flexible. With these curves, you can adjust features like highlights, shadows, and mid-tones accurately.

In this curve effect, you can see a diagonal line with some points. Normally the points above this line represent contrasting colors while points below the diagonal represent the darker colors. You can adjust highlights, shadows, and mid-tones by placing points in a strategic way along this line.

Color wheel

This user-friendly color-grading feature lets you adjust the hue, saturation, and color temperature of the video. The color wheel includes a spectrum of colors. The main colors are red, green, and blue.

If you move the center point of the wheel to the red-orange region then you can add a warmer look to your creation. While the blue-green region gives a cooler look.

By dragging the points outer you can increase the overall saturation. To decrease the saturation, drag the point inwards.

Look Up Tables (LUTs)

Look Up Tables are pre-made color profiles included in Alight Motion. With these LUTs, you can add a cinematic touch to your videos by using just one click. These act like shortcuts in adding cinematic effects. The set of instructions in each LUT guide Alight Motion adjusts the video colors precisely.

Applying Color Grading Techniques in Alight Motion

Here is step-by-step guidance on using color-grade techniques in Alight Motion.

  1. Here you can adjust the overall color temperature by using white balance controls.
  2. By using curves, you can adjust the brightness of the shadows and highlights. This ensures proper exposure.
  3. By using color wheels and LUTs you can add the desired cinematic look to your video. Experimenting with different choices can lead to selecting the perfect blend for the video.
  4. Fine-tuning with curves lets you do more precise color adjustments to make your video more cinematic and colorful.

Transitions in AlightMotion

Transitions play an important role in connecting the visuals for attractive storytelling. Adding transitions helps you to create a smooth flow of scenes to create a charming cinematic effect. As an advanced video editing app Alight Motion includes different types of transitions that make this task an easier and an exciting one.

Connecting different scenes using transitions helps the viewers to get a clear idea about the event’s order. Similarly, these transitions help enhance the video’s pace and rhythm. Plus, these can influence the mood of the video too.

Types of Transition in Alight Motion

Some of the transitions included in Alight Motion can be mentioned as follows:


This type of transition gradually fades out in one scene and fades in, in the next scene. This created a smooth connection between the scenes.  


In this type, there is a graphic element like a shape, line, or image which moves on the screen. This movement eventually exposes the next scene.


Zooming in and out in this type is used to emphasize more on a specific element. And also, it can create a dramatic exposure to the next scene.

Cross dissolves

This transition type focuses on the smooth transition of the audio. Here the audio of the scene fades out and the audio of the next scene fades in.

Effective Use of Transitions in Alight Motion

Here included are some tips for using these transitions effectively to create more pleasing videos.

Match transitions to style and mood

Make sure to use the right transition when adding a cinematic look to your videos. Because these transitions can directly affect the overall style and the mood of the video.

  • Wipes and zooms: for more energetic transitions.
  • Dissolves or slow wipes: for more gentle transitions.
  • Pops spins or zoom: for funnier and energetic transitions.

Use transitions sparingly

Though transitions can add creativity to your videos, using them overly can ruin the video quality. So, make sure to use these effects in a delicate manner to make your video a professional and creative one. Also, it is important to pay attention to the transition speed to preserve the desired video mood. It is better if you can choose transitions that go well with each other for a smooth flow.

Create custom transitions

By customizing the transitions the way you like you can add a unique touch to your videos. This opportunity to customize transitions are really helpful to make your imaginations come true. With the help of this feature sure you can create a video with beautiful cinematic effects. Do not be afraid to do experiments with these features. Because,  experimenting will surely make the best video.

Combining Color Grading and Transitions for Cinematic Impact

Color grading techniques  help to set the mood and the atmosphere of the video. Transitions are used to maintain a smooth flow between different scenes. By using these powerful techniques together, you can create a video with attractive cinematic effects.

Using cool color grading represented by green or blue colors will give a calm or suspenseful feeling to the clip. And a warm red or orange color can give an energetic or happy mood in the next clip. If you use a slow dissolve transition in between them, then you can highlight the conversion from a calmer mood to an energetic mood.

Make sure to use compatible transitions to link different clips to have a more active and refreshing cinematic effect.


Now you all know that Cinematic effects are really helpful in creating an attractive and visually appealing video. For this purpose, Alight Motion is a powerful and advanced video editing app to use.. The color grade effects and the transitions included in Alight Motion helps a lot in this. Color grading helps you in setting the mood and the atmosphere of the video. Transitions help in creating a smooth flow between different scenes. If you can use these tools together then sure you can create a video with advanced cinematic effects. Alight Motion app allows you to do experiments with different color-grade tools like curves,  color wheels and look up tables and different transition types to create the best video with the best cinematic effects.