How to do velocity edits on alight motion?

Alight Motion is a mobile app that can be used for creating animations. The functions of Alight Motion are highly professional. The app can support Android, iOS and MAC. Unlike the other animation creating apps, Alight Motion has many options to allow you to customize the motions. These include controlling the speed, changing colors, standard motions, etc.

Alight Motion can be downloaded simply from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store with just one tap. This shows that Alight Motion is completely safe and legal. Additionally, it is also accessible from any location in the world.

alight motion velocity edit

What is Velocity Editing?

In video editing, “velocity” is the speed of the video and is measured in Frames per Second (fps). This can differ according to the creator’s requirement in each case. The feature of velocity editing is new to Alight Motion. It was not available earlier, but now the developers have added it as requested by many professionals.

Here are some reasons for you to use velocity editing on your video:

  • To make your video more attractive and interesting.
  • To change the emotion that you deliver from the video, you can change the speed from time to time.
  • To manage the time duration of the clip.
  • To highlight important details on the video only when those are played.
  • To match with the audio track rhythm.
  • To produce a piece of both artistic and natural visual value.

Steps for Velocity Editing in Alight Motion

  1. First you should have your video ready with all the filters, sounds and other editing.
  2. Secondly, your video should contain basic animations available in Alight Motion.
  3. Thirdly, your video must have layers. These can be introduced while you design the video from the Alight Motion app.
  4. Now, select a video layer from the layers list. Then a graph-like icon will appear towards the left bottom of the window.
  5. Click on this icon. You will be shown 4 subcategories called “linear”, “easy in”, “easy out” and “easy in and out”.
  6. If you choose the option “linear”, your layer will gain a constant speed.
  7. The second option “easy in” means that the layer starts with a slower speed and ends with a faster speed.
  8. The “easy out” button will make that part start fast and end slower.
  9. In the last option “easy in and out”, the speed is mixed and you can adjust it as per your wish.
  10. So select from the above and apply to that layer and tap on the “Save” button.
  11. Do this to each layer in which you want to apply velocity editing.
  12. Finally you can save the video and share it. It will be very attractive and interesting to watch with the proper velocity editing and the sound track.

Tips to upgrade the skills of video velocity editing

  1. Choose your video segments wisely. It is important to select the correct layers or the part of the video which actually needs a velocity change. You should have a design in your mind that matches with the message you want to deliver and your audio track. If you want help in this, you may consult someone with more experience on video editing or even a professional.
  2. Use velocity control options; “Time Remapping”, “Speed bends” and “Speed”; in the main menu.
  3. From “Time remapping” you can lapse the time and make the video slower to match to your time.
  4. Using “Speed bends” it is possible to get the curve speed. This option is of better quality than the others. You can edit the velocity more precisely and blush between transitions smoothly.
  5. The “Speed” option will help you change the velocity of your full video. You can apply different speeds and try to match with your time duration.
  6. Try more trials before you produce your final video. You may save the drafts and ask a friend for comments to improve your next try.
  7. Make sure the text, frames, filters, sounds, stickers and color adjustments all flow with your velocity changes. That is how you should separate the layers of the video in the first place.
  8. Be careful when you introduce transitions. Some transitions might harm the flow of the emotion you want to share.
  9. You may also adjust the sound to sync with the video velocity. If you think this is more suitable than dragging the video to match the sound speed, it would work. You can add effects to the sounds, change its speed or edit the track completely.

Alight Motion Video Velocity Editing FAQs

Q: Can I share my videos after the velocity edits?

A: Yes, you can. Once you are done with the velocity edit click on the Save button. Give the resolution and the file format you need to save the clip in. Thereafter, click on the export button on the Alight Motion screen. You will be able to see a list of the available social media apps on your device. Select which you want to share the video through and then select the friend. The video will be sent to this selected person in your saved format.

Q: Is velocity editing available for free in Alight Motion?

A: Yes. The velocity editing features are not Premium and need not to be purchased. However, the Alight Motion app will need to be purchased once after its free trial ends.

Q: Can I edit the velocity of any video format?

A: Yes, you can. Any video format that is supported by Alight Motion can be edited for velocity within the app.


Video editing has become very trendy among the youth these days. Almost all the social media apps host shared videos from users. So now it is a common thing to the normal crowd as much as to the professionals.

Alight Motion is one of the best apps for video editing. And this special feature of velocity editing is not a common thing. But, thanks to the app developers, even the less-practiced users can catch the tricks of this function and produce wonderful videos.
Velocity editing is very important to make a clip attractive and interesting. With the proper visual effects and audio effects, your velocity changes will be the key to making the video inspiring.