Alight Motion presets | Enhance your video editing expertise

Alight Motion is a simple yet powerful motion graphic editor for your Android. If you want to create animations, motion graphics, and almost all the other video editing and compositing then Alight Motion is one of the best video editing and motion graphic creators you can have.
Alight Motion is rich with so many advanced features to make your motion design a relaxed and calm process with a professional touch. One of the key features of Alight Motion that most of the app users love is its Motion Presets. These presets can be identified as pre-designed video templates that you can use for easier and quicker video editing in Alight Motion.

alight motion presets

Benefits of using presets

If you are going to use Alight Motion presets on your motion graphic edits it surely offers you some benefits that make your video creation a simple and easy experience.

Efficiency and time-saving

Using Alight Motion presets, you will be able to get your work done within a limited time very efficiently and effectively. If you are going to use presets then sure you can avoid many manual touch-ups in your videos allowing you to do more in your creations within a specific time. This lets you make quick and easy changes to your videos.

More professional and polished creations

When using Alight Motion presets, you can maintain the video style consistently throughout the video. This will help you to achieve a more professional and polished presence in all your creations. Even a beginner can use these presets to create amazing motion graphics without much difficulty.

Gain creative inspiration

Alight motion allows you to use different effects, animations, styles, and many more features that you may not have come across yet. All these nice features included in the Alight Motion presets help you gain creative inspiration for your motion edits.

Types of Alight Motion presets

There are several types of presets to use in your editing. Some of them are as follows.

Transition presets

Whenever you want to enhance the smooth transition between the video clips and if you want to preserve the consistency along your edit then use these transitions presets. These transition presets allow you to have a smooth transition between the video clips that you are going to use giving a gentle touch to your work.

Animation presets

This is the best preset to use if you want to add some creative touch to your videos by animating its contents like shapes, texts, graphics, or any other element. Use these animation presets and make your video or motion graphic a more attractive one.

Color grading presets

If you are going to use these color grading features then you can do color corrections, color gradings, color adjustments, and many more things in an easier way. These edits ultimately lead to a more visually appealing creation.

Filters and effects presets

Adding filters and effects to your videos will make them livelier and more attractive for sure. There are different types of filters and effects presets included here solely to make your video an amazing one. If you want to give a vintage look or a modern look to your edit everything is here.

Motion graphics presets

These motion graphics presets allow you to add pre-designed elements like lower thirds, background, and overlays.

Finding and downloading Alight Motion presets

Several sources offer Alight Motion presets. Some of these sources can be identified as follows:

Online sources

There are different types of online sources that you can use to download these presets. Some of these online sources to be mentioned are websites, forums, and some other dedicated marketplaces for Alight Motion. These include a collection of different presets to explore and import on your Alight Motion app.

Dedicated apps

These apps help you to find Alight Motion presets very easily using the app stores. Some of the dedicated preset apps to be mentioned that offer standalone apps and plugins include Alight Motion Presets and AM Presets for Alight Motion.

Online communities

This is also one of the ways to find your presets. You can join online communities like social media groups and forums to find shared resources and also user-generated presets.

Evaluating preset quality

Before using a preset it is better if you can evaluate the preset quality. Some of these evaluating methods to use are included here.

User reviews

You can look for the user reviews and ratings for the presets before using them. Here you can analyze the quality, effectiveness, and usability of presets.

Creator reputation

Before using a preset you can look for the creator of the preset. If the developer or the creator of the preset is reputed then normally the quality of the preset is certain.

Preview videos

Preview videos are one of the best ways to evaluate the preset quality. By watching preview videos and demonstrations you can gain a clear idea about the preset to use.

Installing and using presets

Download and install presets on your device or the cloud storage

Find the needed presets from a reliable source mentioned above.
Download and install them on your device storage or to the cloud storage using the provided links.

Import presets in Alight Motion

Open the Alight Motion app and navigate to the presets feature.
There you will be able to see an icon ‘import presets’. Tap on that.
Then import presets from the device storage or the cloud storage.

Apply the imported preset

Preview the imported presets and apply them the way you want to.

Customizing presets

You can customize these presets by adjusting the color, duration, and animations.

Adjusting color

Here you can adjust the color saturation, hue, brightness, and contrast or else you can customize the color the way you prefer to make it more personalized.

Adjusting the duration

Here it allows you to modify the duration of transitions and animations to make them coincide with the video beat.

Customizing animations

These customization features let you adjust the animation speed, keyframe positions, and motion paths to make them tally with your taste.

Combining presets

There are several ways to combine your presets to create more unique and visually appealing video effects.

Layering effect

With this feature you can try different presets over each other in different layers. This will ultimately lead to more complex but more advanced video editing to create stunning video effects.

Keyframe integration

This feature lets you add more depth and complexity to your creation by blending different presets together.

Common mistakes to avoid

Some of the common mistakes users are making when using these Alight Motion presets are listed below.

Overusing the presets

Overusing presets can certainly lead to reducing the quality of your output. Optimal usage of the presets can make a total difference to your video making them more visually appealing than overly using them.

Neglecting customization

If you want to edit your videos and motion graphics by adding a more personalized touch then sure you must experiment with its customization features. Neglecting this feature may lead to quality deterioration of the output. If you use these customization features then you will be able to create videos well-matched with your project aims.

Compatibility issues

Compatibility between the Alight Motion and Alight Motion presets is needed to avoid any technical issues. So better to check this compatibility before using.

Alight Motion presets surely are nice and powerful elements to use in all your video and motion graphic edits in Alight Motion. These presets help you in saving your time by creating more visually appealing and professional creations very effectively and efficiently. Install and import these presets and make your video edits more stunning. Use animations, transitions, color grading, filters and effects and motion graphics presets in Alight Motion in your video editing journey to make it more colorful. Make sure to use all its features wisely to avoid any clashes.